Most of our products are very low maintenance.

Most water based products dry within a few hours and will be fine for light traffic, furniture can be placed in position after 24 hour.

Some oil based products take slightly longer.

It is essential not to wet clean or allow any water onto the wooden flooring for 7/10 days as the product applied to the wooden flooring will need this time for curing.

After this time the product will have hardened off.

After this period, avoid excessive or prolonged exposure to liquids.


With water based Lacquers, sweep or vacuum the wooden flooring With the hoover brushes ( down ).

Then with a micro mop, spray apply a wood floor cleaner. Bona wood floor cleaner is a very good product for this purpose.

For spills ( accidents ) use a touch damp mop with a mild none abrasive cleaning product and warm water and lightly mop the area.


After a few years the floor can be maintained with x 2 coats of Bona Freshen Up.

This is an excellent product for long term maintenance, once dry ( around 1 hour per coat ) the wooden flooring will look as good as it did when it was initially worked on and treated.

For oiled wooden flooring, treat the same as water based floor Lacquers.

Sweep and vacuum, then clean with a micro mop with a natural soap for oiled wooden floors.

Hard wood flooring